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Pre-requisites: none

    • 6 types of services: Powder Brows, Combination Brows (powder with hairstrokes), Watercolor Lips, Lip Blush, Frosted Lips, Intralash
      • 2 days of online theory and homework
        • 5 days of in person practice under the supervision of an Expert Trainer
          • Flexibility to learn at your own pace
            • 12 months UNLIMITED access to the online training course

                  Canadian Premiere!  Hybrid training program in permanent makeup! You can now follow at your own pace the online training for the theory portion filled with innovative techniques and most advance theory on the market. The online content can be accessed on a phone, tablet or desktop. Practical assignments on artificial skin will allow you to put your knowledge into practice right away.

                  Then, in class, you will have additional practice time with the presence of an expert trainer who will guide and coach you. Then, after 16 hours of practice, you will attend in person workshops on models, which will allow you to practice permanent makeup techniques on real skin with more confidence.

                  Moreover, combined with the SKAYA device and products, starting a permanent makeup business or simply doing an additional service is much more accessible. Without compromising on the quality of the training and products, you'll get your investment back faster and with more confidence.

                  • Unlimited access to the online course for 12 months (from the registration date) including:
                    • Access to 5 modules: introduction to permanent makeup, powder brows and introduction to hairstrokes, lipblush, intralash and bloodborn pathogens
                    • More than 20 tutorial videos at your disposal
                    • Over 800 minutes of video lessons
                    • Innovative Brow and Lip techniques demonstrated step-by-step by an Expert Trainer
                    • Most advanced PMU theory training on the market
                    • High definition HD videos
                    • Health, Safety and Sterilization
                    • Pigment Theory
                    • Skin Theory for Brows, Lips and Eyes
                    • Skin disorders and what techniques and pigments to avoid
                    • Indications and Contraindications for each service
                    • Initial consultation with clients and Post Care
                    • Mapping techniques for Brows and Lips
                    • Basics of Color theory with the Skaya pigments
                    • Proper Body Positionning for the artist
                    • Exercise permanent makeup movements on practice skin
                    • Device speed and suggested needle cartridge for each type of service
                    • Tips and tricks for the perfect permanent makeup results
                    • FREE downloadable consultation sheet, documents and downloadable content
                    • Business Management and Marketing tools
                    • Supervised evaluation by an Expert Trainer
                  • Ongoing support by accessing the BG Beauty Academy's private group
                  INCLUDED PRACTICE KIT
                      • Cup holder
                      • 5 Needle cartridges
                      • Disposable eyebrow ruler
                      • Protective BioBalm 15ml
                      • Mannequin head
                      • Practice skin
                      • 3D lips
                      • Brown drawing pencil
                      • White gel pencil
                      • Medium cup (100 pack)
                      • 3 Practice Pigments
                      • Golden Ratio Ruler
                      • Misencil cleansing foam
                      • Academy case

                    COMPLETE COURSE PLANNING

                    Step 1: Complete the entire online training course

                    Step 2: Complete the practice skin assignments

                    Step 3: Attend in person theoretical Brow Workshop

                    • Review of the theory
                    • Practice brows on artificial skin

                    Step 4: Attend in person the Brow Workshop: perform on models the Powder Brows and Combo Brow techniques

                    • Powder Brows on a model
                    • Combination Brow on another model

                    Step 5: Attend in person theoretical lip blush Workshop

                    • Review of the theory
                    • Practice lips on artificial skin

                      Step 6: Attend in person the Lip Blush Workshop: perform on models the Watercolor and Lip Blush techniques

                      • Watercolor lips on a model
                      • Lip Blush on another model

                      Step 7: Attend in person the Intralash Workshop: 

                      • Morning practice on artificial skin
                      • Afternoon Intralash on a model

                      Step 8: Attend in person the ETouch-up Workshop: return of 2 models seen during the  Workshops in order to make touch-ups

                      • Consultation and touch-ups of model of your choice
                      • Consultation and touch-ups of model of your choice
                      • Certification

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